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The experts in neurofeedback training, education, hardware and software. Become part of our international network of professional neurofeedback trainers and therapists.

What does the brainboost academy offer?

Neurofeedback Courses

We offer a wide range of courses, individual trainings, advanced trainings and supervisions for newcomers as well as experienced neurofeedback users.


We treat and train with many clients every day and know how important it is to use the right equipment and the best supplies. In our store you will find exactly these supplies that we use every day in our practice.


With over 3,000 neurofeedback sessions per year, we attach great importance to high-quality equipment and are constantly developing our own neurofeedback software, the BrainAssistant.


Interdisciplinary and international exchange with other users is an essential component of the brainboost network. Our neurofeedback community is open to everyone and provides exciting exchange, news, updates and support in the neurofeedback field.


brainboost was founded with the mission to make mental fitness and health accessible to as many people as possible. Our core element is the further development of neurofeedback and EEG technology. Customers and patients of us, but also of our partners, should receive the best possible neurofeedback training. For this purpose we use our human, technological and financial resources and create new ones when necessary. We share the knowledge and insights we gain openly and transparently with our partners and our network.


The as an independent branch shows how important the topic of education and support of other neurofeedback users is for brainboost. Our community platform Discord connects the extensive brainboost network and offers easy access and strong networking. Therapists and trainers, developers, biohackers, lecturers, mental training fans and BrainAssistant users meet there.


Medical expertise and a professional environment for the treatment of patients is ensured by the close cooperation with the specialized practice of Philipp Heiler in Munich.

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Behind the is a well-trained, interdisciplinary team consisting of a physician, sports and health scientists, psychologists, data scientists, developers and business economists. At the brainboost headquarter in Munich, neurofeedback training is conducted daily, new data is collected, and software and hardware are further developed.


All instructors therefore perform practical neurofeedback on a daily basis, expand their knowledge and exchange ideas with the development and research team.

More about our instructors

Quality and individually tailored content are top priority at brainboost. We want to meet every partner or existing user exactly where they are in the very moment. That's why, in addition to basic trainings, we offer many customized modules and trainings on specialized topics.


In this way, we assure to put together the perfect concept for you. A special focus of the is on individual training. We impart knowledge at the appropriate speed, we address the topics that are relevant to you and you also have the opportunity to ask questions at any time. 


Our offers are available on-site, online, live, recorded, as a book, as a script, in chat, via email or by phone.

More about our courses

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The software for neurofeedback professionals

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With BrainAssistant we develop a constantly growing software solution for neurofeedback games, applications, client and patient management, reports and even accounting. In a nutshell, BrainAssistant is everything a neurofeedback user needs on a daily basis to run their practice and provide an amazing neurofeedback experience for their patients and clients.

More about BrainAssistant

Over the years we have used and tested many products and devices within our daily practice. We have always sought personal contact with the manufacturers to ensure quality.

This has resulted in a perfectly matched selection of neurofeedback equipment, which we are happy to provide to our partners. Always lovingly packed ;)

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