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Supervision and Mentoring

Our expert knowledge from practice communicated simply and understandably

Our expert knowledge from practice communicated simply and understandably

In addition to our training modules, we offer customized individual supervision sessions as well as mentoring for individual questions. These can be booked as a supplement to the training or also to expand knowledge in ongoing practice. We agree on the content with you in advance; practical, professional and technical topics are possible, as well as the discussion of individual cases or protocols.


Supervision hours are also suitable for getting an introduction to and assistance with new functions and protocols. Accompanying material such as documents, flyers, files, protocols and templates can be obtained from our online store ( or directly during the appointment.


Supervision as well as mentoring are available on-site in our neurofeedback practice in Munich or online via videocall upon request.

Popular topics

BrainAssistant user training - You will get to know all functions of the BrainAssistant and get valuable tips and hints on the individual games and applications, especially how they can be used optimally for successful neurofeedback.


Training protocols / training screens - You will get an introduction to the protocols used by brainboost as well as the necessary background knowledge. If desired, we can also show you how to modify existing protocols or create your own.


Case discussions / case studies - We work with you on a case or a concern of a client or patient and give an assessment for further training planning.


In-depth training of individual areas / applications - In these one-on-one training sessions, we focus on a very specific area, such as a particular frequency band, a training protocol, a complaint pattern, or neurofeedback peak performance training.


Biofeedback - In addition to the biofeedback module, we also offer application training on individual sensors or possible uses.


Business Coaching - In-depth understanding in practice organization, marketing, business building, growth, customer satisfaction. Promote Neurofeedback on your website, print material, build network (referrals), find and address target audience.

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