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Everything a neurofeedback user needs - In one software

After more than 5 years of development, BrainAssistant offers an all-round software solution for professional neurofeedback users. Originally it was just about a few neurofeedback games, but little by little we added more and more features that we were missing in our own practice.

Currently, BrainAssistant offers high-quality and exciting neurofeedback games and apps, as well as extensive client management with cloud synchronization, easy report generation, and even the ability to document and bill sessions.

But that's not all. We are continuously developing BrainAssistant and adding new features and games. Therefore, an automatic update function is built in. This way, our users get all content provided at no additional cost.

14 days free trial

We have been working with our self-developed software from the very beginning. Constantly we have developed this further and will continue to work on it in the future. That is why we give you the opportunity to test all games and applications 14 days for free!

Impressive 3D graphics

Every training should be appealing, motivating and contemporary. Therefore we put a lot of emphasis on designing each game with lovely and modern graphics. Many games are therefore in 3D graphics with a lot of upgrade possibilities within the game to keep your patient motivated.

Player Account

You can create a separate account within BrainAssistant for each player. This way your client can collect points in each game and use them across games to buy upgrades in the game of his choice with his collected points. This keeps the motivation high!

Great user experience

As a trainer, you deal with different patients every day. We have therefore continuously developed the operation of the BrainAssistant and made it as simple as possible. At the same time, you have the possibility to make detailed settings for each application in order to offer the perfect training.

Session- & Crisismanagement

BrainAssistant automatically records all games and applications that are executed in a client profile. Additionally, notes can be entered. This enables the complete documentation of neurofeedback sessions. Reports and evaluations can be created with one click.

... more features

We are constantly working on adapting BrainAssistant to the needs of both clients and trainers. We are already working on more useful features that will be available as updates.
Please feel free to send us any suggestions for improvement so that we can provide the best neurofeedback experience.

The BrainAssistant
From neurofeedback therapists for neurofeedback therapists

The right subscription for your practice

14 days free trial!
Can be cancelled monthly!



  • Patient account to collect points

  • In-game upgrades through collected points

  • Ocean Dive (3D Game)

  • Flight Map (3D Game)



  • 22,50 €/month with annual payment

  • can be cancelled monthly

  • everything from Free plus:
    Media Center (volume and dimmer)
    Puzzle Game
    Focus Master Classic
    Focus Master (3D Game)
    7 Seas (3D Game)



  • 450 €/month with annual payment

  • can be cancelled monthly

  • everything from Basic plus:
    Dragonfly (3D Game incl. controller function - e.g. Xbox or Playstation for PC controller)
    Dragonbay (3D Game incl. controller function - e.g. Xbox or Playstation for PC Controller)
    Waterfall (3D Game)
    Train your Brain (3D Game with memory, reaction or calculation tasks)
    Jumper (3D Game)
    Feeding Animals (3D Game)
    Pirate Islands (3D Game)

Philipp Heiler, Neurofeedback, Academy, Doctor, Mental Health

Philipp Heiler
Medical Doctor

As a doctor I have been running my own practice specialized in neuro- and biofeedback for years ( In parallel, I founded the company brainboost together with my brother Tobias to optimize our therapy and make it more contemporary.

Neurofeedback Trainer, Anna Förster, Mental Health, HR

Anna Förster
Health Scientist

I am in constant contact with therapists to get ideas for new games and applications of our software. This helps me know what works well in practice and helps all our partners and therapists in their work.

Neurofeedback Trainer, Tobias Heiler, brainboost Academy, Supervision, Mental Health

Tobias Heiler
Sports Scientist

Through my work with already practicing therapists as well as new partners, I know their requirements and wishes. This allows us to improve and develop our software in constant contact with therapists.

Download BrainAssistant now
Test 30 days free of charge

Neurofeedback Trainer, Sebastian Kugler, Softwaredevelopment, Psychology, Mental Fitness

Sebastian Kugler
B.Sc. Psychology

When working with patients, managers, athletes and corporate clients, it is important to appear professional and use state-of-the-art games and applications. This is how we give the customer what is expected.

Neurofeedback, Mental Health, Supervision Partner, EEG Training

Dr. Luis Flacke

I am pleased to share the current state of knowledge from research with our partner network and to share our expertise in the field of performance neurofeedback with other providers.

BrainAssistant, Neurofeedback Software, Softwaredevelopment, EEG Software, Programming, Mental Fitness

Daniel Lichtenstern

Wishes and needs in the field of neurofeedback and biofeedback are constantly evolving. I take care of flexible solutions to make neurofeedback even easier, more efficient and sustainable.

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