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Our Training Offer

About our teaching and philosophy

Who is our offer aimed at?

The offers a wide range of courses in the field of neurofeedback and biofeedback for different concepts. This includes interested lay people, health professionals, coaches or oth

er service providers who would like to offer neurofeedback in the future, as well as already running practices, both with and without experience in this field. We are happy to advise you, give you a detailed assessment of your project and find the perfect entry point into the


As part of the training concept, certification as a neurofeedback and / or biofeedback trainer or therapist is possible. We strive for a long-term close cooperation with our partners. Therefore, in addition to supervision and mentoring, we also support you with software, EEG hardware and consumables, which we use daily ourselves in the medical practice for neurofeedback by Philipp Heiler. In this way, we ensure the highest quality Made in Europe and you always stay up to date.


The offers you an all-round carefree package with flexible entry options. The training is modular and includes a high proportion of practical exercises right from the start. Individual training sessions that are directly linked to previous knowledge and the individual learning speed ensure a professional start and enable the implementation of neurofeedback training with first test persons. We adapt the training exactly to your level of knowledge. In addition, you have the option of renting a neurofeedback set on a monthly basis in order to gain initial experience. This way you work your way forward step by step, stay flexible and keep the initial investment costs low.


With the further modules as well as supervision and mentoring hours you will continuously expand your knowledge and after your certification you will be able to offer neurofeedback to clients and patients. You can continue to rent the neurofeedback hardware, which includes a replacement service, or take over the hardware. We will be happy to advise you personally in this regard.

Ongoing practices and users

We survey the current state of knowledge together with you, discuss your concept and define the goals and expectations. This ranges from refreshing or expanding knowledge, training and certifying (new) staff, introducing new application areas or protocols, purchasing additional neurofeedback hardware, to switching existing systems to brainboost and Mind Media.


Depending on your level of knowledge and your requirements, we modify the scope of our training and create an individual concept, which is usually based on a mixture of shortened training modules and supervision hours. In addition, we will gladly continue to be at your disposal for the purchase of consumables, software as well as protocols.

Individual concerns

The team shares a great passion for neurofeedback and neuroscience. Therefore, we are happy to support individual and unique concepts in an interdisciplinary way and with a lot of heart and soul. Further inspiration and exciting exchange is most easily possible via our Discord Community, or you can contact us via email or phone.

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