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Training concept

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Our training concept

Through our many years of experience in our own practice and in our work as trainers, we have learned that everyone learns at their own pace. Here you need to acquire both theoretical knowledge and be able to apply it practically. Depending on professional experience, previous knowledge and target group, there are different objectives here. Also the personal preference to focus and deepen in a subject area can significantly influence the course structure.


For this reason, each of our training courses is unique and tailored to your needs. We offer a framework of knowledge and practical exercises, but discuss exactly which content is more relevant to you than others, so that you can go into your practice with the knowledge that is most important to you and apply it right away. Questions, areas of interest or ideas often arise during the training. Again, we adapt according to your preferences and tailor the neurofeedback to your needs.


In our trainings, a large part also consists of practical exercises and self-experience. Thus, in the "learning-by-doing" process, you can directly implement the theoretical knowledge you have learned and already gain experience.


With the combination of theoretical basics of EEG and neurofeedback as well as already performed practical exercises you can now conduct trainings with your first clients. We are always available with advice. On the one hand through our Discord chat channel where you can exchange information with us as well as with other partners of us. On the other hand, questions will arise from the first trainings, which we will continuously discuss via (video-) supervision and continue to deepen your knowledge through the "learning-by-doing", i.e. very practical approach.


Through this regular exchange we accompany you in the long term and you can learn with each patient. Depending on your needs, you can deepen your knowledge in further trainings on target groups. For example, for patients with concentration problems (ADD / ADHD), clients suffering from chronic stress or depression, or to further expand your knowledge in the peak performance sector. The combination of biofeedback and neurofeedback is also successfully used in many practices.


We therefore see ourselves as a network and mediator to give every therapist access to knowledge in order to offer the best possible neurofeedback training.

Feel free to contact us and we will advise you how we can support you with a training tailored to your needs!

Free of charge

Duration: approx. 30 minutes

Supervision and Mentoring

We offer supervision and mentoring on individual topics in the areas of neurofeedback and biofeedback, including specific issues, protocols, cases, and in-depth expertise. This is available one-on-one with our instructors both online and on-site.

More about our Supervisions

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